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30 Oct

It’s worth a shot right?

Here’s the thing:
Mike receives tweets all day every day about almost everything. This includes fans begging him to come to LPU chat. After a while, he’d naturally start to ignore these tweets. They’re just shoved into the pile of forever-ignored, along with
 ”Retweet me”
“Wish me happy birthday”
 ”Come to my country”

So the scheme is to withhold as many @ mentions to Mike as possible.
Those of us who usually spam, try to keep it in. Make his mentions as free of requests as possible, until he starts to get curious.
Then, on November 6th and November 8th 2012, we all tweet to him.
” @mikeshinoda we miss you in LPU chat. Come say hi? “ ^ you can use your own, but if you don’t know what to type you can use this ;]
Link is there and everything so all he has to do is click it.
There it is.
But  after November 8th, we must STOP the requests again, and wait until next opportunity. Like short bursts of like bullets, it’s Impossible to ignore. ;]